London launch at DMLab 29th October

We are excited to announce that we will be launching as part of Drake Music’s next DMLab event on the 29th October. If you a Disabled artist involved in developing technology, movement, music, or theatre, we’d particularly like to meet you! This event is free. Please visit this link for event info and booking: DMLab…

Drake Music DMLab meeting August 2019

David Bobier and Charles Matthews recently attended Drake Music’s DMLab meeting in London UK, where they presented technology that translates sound to light and vibrations….

Guest post on the blog

Charles Matthews has posted a discussion of music technology, accessibility, and the idea of “Disabled artist lead” to the blog. In the post, he shares some of the approaches he has used while working with our key UK collaborators Drake Music, and gives a preview of some of the technology we plan to use in our workshops….

Introducing the project..

This is a cross-disciplinary project that brings rapid instrument prototyping to an integrated dance context, led by Disabled artists in the UK and Canada. Find out more in this post….