David Bobier and Charles Matthews recently attended Drake Music’s DMLab meeting at Music Hackspace in London UK, where they presented technology that translates sound to light and vibrations, as part of Joanne Cox’s Defiant Journey project.

You can see photos of the event here: https://www.drakemusic.org/blog/becky-morris-knight/dmlab-london-august-dani-clode-jo-anne-cox/#ad-image-0

David and Charles setting up with Joanne Cox. Photo by Becky Morris-Knight/Drake Music

We were pleasantly surprised to find that our messy table of electronics and vibrotactile belts made it into this week’s Scene and Heard cartoon by David Ziggy Greene in Private Eye (note from Charles: David was actually probably fairly tidy)!

Scene and Heard cartoon from Private Eye, August 2019

DMLab is an essential meeting of musicians and makers, and takes place on a monthly basis in London and Manchester in the UK. Find out more here. We will be launching our project at the next event on the 29th October..watch this space for more information!

Charles Matthews has posted a discussion of music technology, accessibility, and the idea of “Disabled artist lead” to the Bela.io blog. In the post, he shares some of the approaches he has explored while working with our key UK collaborators Drake Music, and mentions the technology we are developing to use in our workshops.

Read it here: https://blog.bela.io/2019/08/20/towards-disabled-artist-led-music-technology-charles-matthews/

Or listen to an audio narrated version here:

This is a cross-disciplinary project aimed at bringing rapid instrument prototyping to an integrated dance context, led by Disabled artists in the UK and Canada.

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